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Let me first welcome you to my personal website! My mission, for quite some years now, is still unaltered: bringing Excel, sports and music together, because these are my main interests and probably yours too.
Please take a step back and have a look at the pages on my website through the navigation at the top and on the right. All files and codes are mine, unless stated explicitly.
I wish you a lot of fun and learning moments my pages my generate with you. For all your thank you’s, remarks, suggestions, typo′s, annoyances, …:
contact me or use the guests book.

Most recent changes

12/2020ExcelFriday the 13th
11/2020ExcelYour favorites with formatting
11/2020TM1Replace Trump for BidenNew
11/2020TM1Service statusNew
10/2020ExcelAdding slide numbers in PowerPoint
07/2020ExcelShrink to fit
07/2020TM1Update process line numbers with AutoHotKey
07/2020ExcelTwo dots

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Wim Gielis is a Business Intelligence consultant and Excel expert

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