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Each Excel sheet contains many many cells to be used, there really is no shortage at all. But it happens that, for display or attractivity purposes, we cannot increase the width of a column. For example, because our corporate dashboard is set up in such a way that the same column that we want to increase, just needs to be smaller and it would not be "nice" if we were to increase the width.

In that case, we can format the cell contents just to shrink such that it fits the current column width. For example, we can have a date written out in full like this:

This is just fine, the font size is good. However, watch what happens if we jump forward to August 20, 2020:

Yes, we have got a slight problem over there !

The solution is to change the cell formatting and go to the Alignment tab:

Now it's fine and even though the font size will decrease certain times of the year, it will still be readable.

Have fun !


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