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    As can be read in the TM1 documentation, the tm1p.ini client configuration file specifies the environment information for the IBM Cognos TM1 clients (including Perspectives en Architect). I had a look at its contents and organized them in a better way than TM1 does. TM1 updates that file anytime the client is closed. Therefore, you should close the clients if you would like to make a change in one of the parameters. If not, closing the client would overwrite the ini file again with the previous value for the parameters. In the past, I blogged about the languages that you could specify in the tm1p.ini file, to have Perspectives and Architect in your own language.

    Have a look at this IBM page for more information regarding the tm1p.ini file.

    It's a pity that the order of the entries is not preserved by TM1. Therefore, I keep a clean copy of the settings in the same directory.

    TM1p.ini example file

    If you want, you can download my tm1p.ini file as a zip format from this article.


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