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James Longden from Best Practice Modelling asked me if I could feature their World Cup Monte Carlo Simulator on my pages. Since it is all about Excel and about soccer, here it is: World Cup soccer

Actually I should not put this on my website since Belgium is not predicted as World Champion, but okay, I give in.

To all of you downloading the file: steal the Excel tricks with your eyes! The file is set up in a clever way. The only thing to correct is the format of the dates using the TEXT function: in Belgium we use "j" instead of "y". Hence, June 25 in the file now shows as 25-jun-yy. If the user can input the date format in a central place (once), this date format can be used in all TEXT functions.

Additionally, you can find a set of Monte Carlo simulators for the main European soccer leagues: get if from here. Thanks to James and colleagues.


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