MVP Summit at Microsoft

Hello all

This is a short message to let you know that I will go to the Microsoft Summit for MVP's (Most Valuable Professionals). The Summit will be held at the Microsoft campuses in Redmond, WA, from Monday Nov. 3 to Thursday Nov. 6. Starting on Sunday, MVP's are allowed to showcase some work.

The content of the entire summit is strictly under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), so in order not to violate the NDA, I will not post anything regarding the Summit and its sessions. Most of the Summit is organized around sessions where Microsoft Product Teams and MVP's sit together, launch ideas, new projects, give and ask feedback, ask questions, and so on… You can expect from me (at most) a couple of pictures of me hanging out with fellow Excel MVP's drinking beers, and/or me hanging out with fellow Belgian/Dutch MVP's (outside of the Excel expertise) drinking beer. Again. I am looking forward to it, it will be the very first time that I go there, although I have been honoured 4 times as an Excel MVP.

So, see you all after the Summit ! :-)


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