Year-to-date rollups in a Month dimension

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  • Create year-to-date rollups
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    You know, sometimes I can be a bit lazy. Why manually creating a Month dimension at every TM1 customer, if you can have a Turbo Integrator process to do it for you? Right, let us look at the TI process. Here is a screenshot of how the result looks like (the process comes in a number of flavours depending on 2 parameters):


    If you are even more lazy than me, download all the TI code by right-clicking the file above and Save it.

    TI code

    There is code in the Prolog tab and the Epilog tabs; the Data source of the process is None and there are 2 parameters. The TI code is really worth looking at if you want to learn how to code in TI. Among other things, the NUMBERTOSTRINGEX function is used in a clever way. Also, aliases and text attributes are set automatically, and the Default subset is created. Lastly, abbreviations like JAN, FEB, MAR are added on the fly.


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