Writing CELLPUT statements


Very often, Turbo Integrator processes contain statements like CELLPUTN, CELLGETN, CELLPUTS, CELLGETS, CELLINCREMENTN, CELLISUPDATEABLE.

Normally you would look at the cube dimensions and their order in the Server Explorer, or know them by heart. TI expects the arguments of aforementioned statements to be in the correct order.

Work smarter

To minimize the possibility of making errors, and also to speed up your work a bit, here is a shortcut:

  1. Open a rules editor for the cube
  2. Click the icon for "Insert cube reference"
  3. Confirm the next screen, which lists the dimensions
  4. Copy-paste the resulting syntax in the TI process
  5. Change DB into CELLGETN (or similar)
  6. Edit the other function arguments


Another handy trick is to click on the icon called Display Properties Window, in the Server Explorer. Select the node "Dimensions" in the navigation tree for dimensions for the cube in question. At the right hand side of the screen, you can now copy the dimension names. Paste them in your TI process, and be sure to replace the carriage return characters between dimension names. What I do as well, is to have a text document containing precisely these statements for the cubes of the application.

Admittedly, these tricks are not life savers, but nice to know. Especially in cubes with 10+ dimensions.


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