Delete TM1 objects


Often you may want to delete a lot of TM1 objects in one go, like subsets (or even dimensions), cube views (or even cubes), processes, applications or chores.


To do this, you have several options. Those that are most frequently used, are:

  1. Creating a TI process to loop through the respective control dimension (e.g. }Dimensions, }Cubes, }Applications, }Processes, }Chores)
  2. Stopping the TM1 Server holding the objects, deleting objects in the database directory at the file level, and restarting the TM1 Server
  3. Selecting the objects one by one in the Server Explorer navigation tree, and delete


While all of the above methods will be valid, some comments though. With respect to method number 2, it takes time to restart the TM1 Server, so beware to factor in that time. Also, make sure to delete the correct files (duh…) together with for instance files for dimension element attributes, or a cell security cube file. Hence, this method is not my favourite.

With respect to method number 3: this is rather time consuming when you need to delete many objects. Therefore, in the Server Explorer, click the icon on top called Display Properties Window. Select the node in the navigation tree for dimensions if you need to delete dimensions, Processes for processes, and so on. At the right hand side of the screen, you can now multiselect the objects to be deleted.


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