Change the TI source file for non-admin users


Life is easy in TM1 when you are part of the Admin security group: you can basically do everything! (But you can also screw up a lot, as a consequence) In general, non-admin users, however, have much less privileges. To name but one thing, they can be allowed to execute Turbo Integrator (TI) processes, but they cannot edit and save TI processes.

Euh, to be precise, they can edit a TI process and for instance point to a different source file in case of a Text data source. TM1 neglects this and executes the process without taking that new source file. But here is the deal: you could trick TM1 by using a parameter.

How can we do this?

Create a parameter called pFile (e.g.). It should be a String parameter. In the Advanced > Prolog tab, add code like below, to use a variable file name:

# Wim Gielis #
##### # Using a parameter to change a source file # 03/04/10 #####
# check if the chosen file exists # if yes, use this new file IF(FILEEXISTS(pFile)=1); DATASOURCENAMEFORSERVER=pFile; ENDIF; # (add # ELSE; # PROCESSQUIT; # without # if you do not want to execute the process # in case the file does not exist)

The non-admin user can now copy-paste a file name with path into the parameter box. Make sure the chosen file has the same structure as the original one, in particular, the same columns and destination. Another idea is to ask a path from the user, to which the TI code adds a (fixed) file name.


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