Hidden names in column headers

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  • Hidden names in column headers
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    Since Excel 2007 we have 16,384 columns at our disposal, all of them nicely arranged left to right and by name / letter. The columns A to Z, then AA to AZ, BA to BZ, …, ZA to ZZ, AAA to XFD following the same principles. 16,384 equals 2 to the power 14. Currently there are 1,048,576 rows at our disposal (2 to the power 20) and hence in 1 worksheet we have 2 to the power 34 cells, in full: 17,179,869,184. And then there are still people out there who want to populate 1 cell with different things… but that is a different topic.

    Below you see a picture when you are creative with the Excel column headers, using hidden rows and columns:

    Despite 16,384 colulns not everyone will be able to spell its name using the column headers. Isn't it Hubert ?

    Long words

    If you want to endeavor to find the longest existing word, have a look here. Certainly a must-see for those of you loving word games (and programming).


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