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    Using Excel you can set up even the most complicated models, but also small grocery lists. That is only one of the reasons that so many people use Excel worldwide. For those of you who like fitness I created a small application to schedule the workout sessions in a day. The situation goes as follows: I try to use the crosstrainer on a faily basis during several sessions. I enter how long 1 session takes, when I start and plan to end, the maximal effort per day, and a couple of other parameters. The result is a schedule I have to follow to reach my goals, which is a healthy and trained body ;-)

    Please a go with the file that you can download the top of the page. Based on the parameters to the right, you will see your schedule on the left containing all sessions.

    I use conditional formatting to spice up a bit the sessions. I use conditional formatting to:

    1. color every second row in green
    2. present the next starting time in red and bold
    3. hide the sessions that are finished
    4. show the time until the next starting time in red and bold, if that time is less than 5 minutes

    The only limitation is that the schedule can handle at most 50 sessions. Well, limitation …, I am sure that my regular visitors are easily capable to lift that limitation.

    An Excel joke… lazy bastards can use this as the starting time in Excel: =NOW() + 1 (meaning: "I will start tomorrow" ;-) And tomorrow it will read again: "I will start tomorrow" )

    Please do let me know if you use this file, for instance send me an email. Or maybe you find other useful applications for this file. A schedule for scholars that are studying for exams maybe :-) Or a timer that will oblige us to stand up when our job makes us exhausted. Have fun !


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