Wim was MS Excel MVP in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

For many years now, I unselfishly provide help to many Excel users on various Excel VBA boards, like,, MS Excel Newsgroups, (in Dutch) (the forum closed down unfortunately) or (in Dutch). My total post count reaches almost 40,000 posts.

If you feel like you want to thank and support me, all donations are greatly appreciated! They support me in writing more Excel articles on this very website. Please click the button below. Thanks!

All Excel questions & projects

How do you solve an Excel/VBA problem?

  • by trying and practicing a lot, checking out Help (F1), reading books and browsing the Internet
  • asking questions at Excel boards on the Internet
  • asking me by sending your question in an email

I would be happy to solve your Excel (VBA) problems under the following conditions.

Short questions / limited time required

Due to lack of time, from now on I will solve your Excel VBA questions ONLY in return for a payment. You ask me a question, I reply with a solution, you choose the amount that represents the utility of my solution to you, and undertake a custom PayPal donation:

Long questions / Projects / Significant time required

Excel consultancy is possible as well; it covers more extensive questions and also projects. It is geared towards a full solution for often complex problems. VBA code and custom made spreadsheets are created following discussions with the customer. This work requires a lot of knowledge, experience and time. But the advantages are significant: efficiency gains through automation, no human errors, no senseless work, structured spreadsheets, …

For the last 10 years I completed almost 700 small and larger projects, for almost 300 different persons in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, US, Australia, and elsewhere. For my profession, I am a Business intelligence consultant based in Brussels, Belgium. I work with the OLAP tool TM1 and a lot of Excel VBA.

If interested, please send me an email to discuss your requirements and needs. I usually work with a flat rate per hour or a quote for (parts of) the project. Payments are also through a custom and secure PayPal transaction:

I have Skype to get in contact with you, for example in case you would like me to teach you during some of the macro writing / correcting errors / optimisation exercises. Getting in contact with knowledgeable experts and asking questions is often the best approach to learn and master new techniques. My username on Skype is WimGielisExcel but first contact me by email to make arrangements (different time zones and so on). Skype conversations are rewarded through the same hourly tariff, if it is for consultancy. To discuss a new project, it will not be charged.


Email messages or PM’s without any consent of a payment, for whatever problem concerned, will die in my mailbox. Thank you for your understanding. Also, do not contact me to ask to solve your forum problems. I’m only a human being.


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Wim Gielis is a Business Intelligence consultant and Excel expert

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